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I have been using the Netflix movie rental system and wanted to share my review of it, and include where to find the phone number and service number.What’s the best way to watch films these days? Unlike a couple of decades ago, today, the options for watching movies are myriad. Although going to the theater will never go out of style, with better and better home entertainment systems coming out each year, watching films from home is a very attractive option.
NetflixMovie channels were at one point a great option, but I no longer find them the best way to enjoy a movie. I have found these days that you can get the best bang for your buck by watching films online and by using online DVD rental services. Prices are very low.

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If you are hoping to watch the maximum number of movies for the lowest price, a service like it is your best bet. By joining, you can rent unlimited DVDs each month that you are a member. And best of all, there are no due dates, which means you can keep the movies as long as you desire.

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A relatively new service was added recently that allows members to watch movies that are streamed online. Currently, 17,000 titles can be viewed free of charge.

While most of the movies on this list are old, there are still quite a few gems to watch, especially if you are an avid moviegoer.

People who are new to using Internet services may be reluctant to try something. Fortunately, it allows you to test the service risk-free for up to 2 weeks using its free trial. The benefit to you is that you get to experience the service before deciding whether to join. I recommend it very highly to anyone who loves to watch movies at home.

News NetflixI was so excited the first day; I called the phone number to see how long it would take. They were busy, so I found the service number and got a hold of a nice customer service agent.

The huge momentum the company has is clear. I have had it recommended to me by many of my friends.

You can subscribe for a free 14-day trial and select from a list of DVD;s you want to see, and they mail you the movies in an envelope, 1-2 at a time.After watching the film’s you send them back in the envelope they came in.

Netflix Review

You send back the DVD, it, after watch it, and they send you another one off of your list you have selected.

Almost every movie made is available for you to choose from, the list is enormous.

netflix cloud compositeI used to rent movies from the store all the time. This service really pays for itself simply for the convenience of not even having to get in your car and go to the Video Store.

When you need to speak to a live customer support person, I found where the phone number is.

Also they have specials going on all the time and when you click on the link special offers it will take you to where the current special offers are located.

They give you access to a steady stream of DVDs with about a day for them to mail it to you and a day to mail it back. I have on my list a huge selection of title’s that you just cant find anywhere at any of the video stores.